22-300x2242008- 2011 Restorer departmenttextile/leather specification (Hungarian University of Fine Arts)
Thesis: restoration of a dalmatic from the early 1700’s.  The clothing is part of a complete ecclesiastical vestment, ordered by the Jesuitic friary of Trencsén; today owned by the Hungarian Museum of Applied Arts and the Hungarian National Museum. The vestment was sold to the museums by the Piarist friary of Trencsén.

2005-2008 Postponement.

2006 Changing to textile/leather specialisation after successful differential exams.

2002 Restorer department – silicate specialisation (Hungarian University of Fine Arts)

2000-2001 Restorer assistant – Completion of the  of artworks protection course
(Hungarian National Museum)

1996-1997 jewellery valuator/ gemstone specialist
completion of specialised course of jewellery valuator
(national registration code: valuator I. (jewellery) OKJ 52 3439 01)

1993-1998 archaeology department (ELTE Faculty of Arts)
Specialisation: Prehistory and Migration Age

 1987-1991 Széchenyi István High School