Corolla with soutache

kép 15

The other corolla decorated a child’s head as well. Its structure and materials are similar to other artworks with soutache. It didn’t have any beads or sequins and the whole was created of silk string wrapped with metal thread. Examining it under microscope I discovered some tracks of gilding. The corolla base has disappeared totally, but some padding textile parts have remained under the metal.stringed ornament. On these one could notice the cloth binding base – its exact material will be identified in the future. The skull got to the workshop “in situ”. When I started to examine it, it turned out to have a weak structure: it broke down under the weight of the soil. The corolla remains didn’t reach around the whole head. Supposedly, it had been bound with a ribbon at the back of the head. The whole object was rigid and hard, completely unlike a textile, even though it was packed propperly and examined with utmost caution. The corrosion of the metal strings conserved the padding strings. Humifying treatment appeared to be risky in this case as well, so its conservation was proceeded in the same way as the one of the other corolla.