Dress edge


kép 12

At Szigetszentmiklós, in an adult woman’s grave we discovered textile remains on the chest. We dug around under the whole spine and skull, then lifted the remains “in situ” from the ground. We wrapped it up tightly to keep the body and clothing together. In the workshop I freed the textile remains from the soil with a dissector and a brush and they turned out to be the edge of an overgarment around the neck and on the chest. The edge had a soutache on it and the metal helped conserve the textile in the soil. I put the pieces on a polistyrene plate following the original pattern, then I cleared them from the soil under the microscope with an insect needle. Unfortunately, it couldn’t be cleaned with the humifying method. As a next step, I covered an acid-free foamboard plate with linen and sewed the remains carefully onto it with silk thread. At the end, I prepared an acid-free cardboard storage box for them of.